Submersible Pumps Type - KU6

Pipe Size 50 mm, 65 mm, 80 mm
Head 4 m to 218 m
Capacity 20 to 1100 Litres Per Minute
Discharge Range 2.2 kW to 15 kW (3 HP to 20 HP)
Speed 3000 rpm
Borewell dia 6" (150 mm)
Kirloskar Submersible pumps are multistage centrifugal pumps designed with radial type/mixed flow impeller.
All rotating elements are dynamically balanced
Water lubricated bearings are designed for loonger life and vibration-free performance
Pump has a built-in non-return valve (NRV) designed for minimum frictional losses.
Pump set is designed for minimum outside diameter including cable guard which ensures stucking free entry in borewell
To prevent rotating assembly from damage, a special counter thrust bearing is provided in pump portion.
Intermediate Nitril rubber brushes in radial type design and stage Nitril rubber bushes in mixed flow design ensure long life with sandy water
Suitable for handling water containing higher sand content up to 12,000 ppm.
Low power consumption per stage
Top flat efficiency curve - operates efficiently in wider range
  Suitable for agricultural irrigation
Drinking water supply scheme for towns, villages, domestic service.
Water supply for industries, construction sites.
Sprinkler irrigation
Water supply for cooling and air-conditioning installations
Booster and fire fighting