Butterfly Valve

  Size from 80 mm to 2400 mm .
Application Areas :

Suitable for variety of liquids and gaseous media in Water Works, Power Plants, Sewage Plants, Chemical & Petrochemical Plants etc. for tight shut-off and control. Ideally suited for isolating as well as throttling services. Applicable for maximum pressure and temperature conditions within the scope of BS 5155 / IS 13095.

  • Rigid and sturdy design with minimum loss of head across the valve
  • Compact, light weight, low operating torques resulting into economical actuator sizing
  • Duo-eccentric seat geometry results into less wear and tear and longer life
  • Self-cleaning and non-jamming seat design
  • Gas tight shut-off
  • Double flanged long valve body pattern designed to withstand specified water pressure
  • Duo-eccentric mounted streamlined disc to ensure complete shut-off of valve
  • Accurately machined to close tolerances to match with body
  • Unique clamping ring design ensures controlled and uniform seat compression and facilitates easy replacement of seal
  • Low friction journal bearings for suporting shaft outside fluid flow. Seal ring is provided for protection of bearing area