Cast Iron Gate Valve

Application Areas :

Valves with renewable face rings suitable for handling water up to 60 degree C, having turbidity of 5000 ppm. Valves with integral faces suitable for water / steam up to 120 degree C, and turbility as above.


BODY : Flanged, proportionate and strong enough to withstand specified water pressure. Full length guide ribs for wedge.
BONNET : Strong enough to withstand water pressure.
SPINDLE : Large in diameter with ACME threads for smooth operation
STUFFING BOX : Secured to bonnet, large enough to hold sufficient quality of lubricated jute packing of plaited construction
FACE RINGS : Renewable, correctly machined, pressed in a boy and wedge for valves handling water up to 60 degree C. Integral for handling water, steam up to 120 degree C
WEDGE : Solid, strong, tapered on both sides, provided with deep grooves inside lugs to minimise chatter when partly open
HANDWHEEL : Sturdy, specially designed for firm grip
FLANGES : Faced and drilled to IS-1538 Drillings to DIN, ASA and BS possible
OPERATION : Standard clockwise closing. Counterclockwise, possible