Cast Iron Non-Rising Spindle Type Sluice Valve

Widely accepted by municipal corporations, water supply authorities, National Thermal Power Corporation and other Government and Industrial users, these valves are designed as per latest editions of IS specifications and they bear ISI mark.
Application Areas :
  • Clear water having turbidity upto 5000 ppm and temp up to 45 degree C.
  • Other fluids with maximum pressure / temp. conditions not beyond the scope of IS-780/IS 2906
  • Combination of excellent design features of reputed overseas valve brands
  • Rigid and sturdy design with minimum loss of head across the valve
  • Use of special purpose machines resulting in:
    Perfect interchangeability of components
    Assured parallelism between side flanges
    Assured equal taper on both sided of the wedge
    Perfect machining and pressing of body and wedge face rings Excellent finish on spindle threads resulting in low friction and smoother operation of valves Long service life and leaktightness even after thousands of open/close cycles