End Suction Pumps Type - KE +

  Head up to 23 metres
Capacity up to 37 liters per second
Power rating 3.7 kW to 5.9 kW (5.0 HP to 8.0 HP)
  Suction lift upto 8 meters
Repairs possible without disturbing the pipe connections
Efficiency at par with internationally available pumps
Efficiency higher by upto 10 points than minimum specified in Indian Standards Specifications
Designed to run direct/through pulley with engine / motor
Top flat efficiency curve; minimum variation in efficiency over the entire operating range.
Designed to prevent overloading of engine / motor
Easy maintenance and spares availability
Long life : due to replaceable wearing parts
Dynamically balanced rotating parts
Grease lubricated deep groove ball bearings
Designed for automatic air release during priming
Industries, for clear water handling
Water supply for domestic use in apartments, hotels, buildings and farm-houses.