Kinetic Air Valve

Application Areas :
  Ideally suited for:
  • Turbide or clear water
  • Sewage
  • Kirloskar Kinetic Air Valve is a combination of small orifice and lagre orifice air valve
  • Separate Conventional isolating valve nonrising type as per IS: 780 with/without bevel gear arrangement, is provided for inspection/maintainance of the valve without closing of the mainline.
  • Non clogging and self sealing balls for trouble free operation
  • Perfect guide for small orifice ball and guide ribs with minimum clearance for large ofifice ball for wobbless ball movement.
  • Scientifically shaped and finished small orifice to increase small orifice ball life.
  • Specially designed cowl for tamperfree valve operation on line. This design will prevent tampering the large orifice ball by local people to draw water.
  • Maintenance and trouble free operation under maximum working pressure
  • Large orifice seal is provided with special serrations on surface for tight grip and also with precise shaped orifice to prevent adhesion between ball and seat.