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BE / B

Proprietary impeller and shaver mechanism (special groove) ensures that waste water and sewage are efficiently transferred


PU (A)


The PU is a multi-purpose pump with a vortex impeller. Use of advanced materials achieves a light and solid construction. Automatic version is available in all sizes



The main components of the OMU pump are made of stainless steel and plastic, resulting in an ultralightweight pump that is highly rust resistant. It also features the maximum passage diameter (1 3/8inch) for a compact pump

CE / C


Saw-shaped fixed blades are used in combination with carbide blades in an impeller-integrated structure. This construction ensures that fibrous foreign matter is cut up, and sewage is transferred without clogging



Foreign matter is finely ground up by the built-in grinder mechanism and discharged by a vortex impeller

KTZ-14 Series

Heavy-Duty, High Head, High Volume Dewatering Pumps featuring all Stainless Steel construction for the best corrosion resistance in this class and dual performance levels in one pump by changing impeller and wear plate


SQ Series


Corrosion Resistant Pumps constructed of Stainless Steel #304 for applications requiring rust free pumps or where corrosive materials are present.

CL Series

Corrosion Resistant Pumps constructed exclusively for pumping and discharging corrosive liquid. Applying authentic steel in all wetted parts, the CL pump is a highly specialist pump in terms of design and materials

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